What Others are Saying

Andrew Schwab and Platform Government Strategies have helped numerous clients achieve their public affairs goals. Read on to discover how we deliver value.

“Andrew came to United States of Care and quickly established a federal advocacy operation aimed at bipartisan solutions for our healthcare system and achieved important results. At the onset of COVID, we worked together to push solutions through the system and write sharp policy documents that greatly helped people. He also ably navigated the public, private and nonprofit sectors to align interests and get things done via strategic coalition building. Both established healthcare firms and innovative companies would do well by seeking his counsel.”
Andy Slavitt
former Acting CMS Administrator,
former Senior Advisor to the White House Pandemic Response Team,
and co-founder of United States of Care
“Our entire organization came to rely on Andrew for his deep strategic knowledge of how to get things done in Washington. I believe his positioning of Oak Street Health as a leader in the ongoing national health policy debate was essential to our success. Andrew was able to open up a dialogue across government stakeholders and allowed us to work with policy makers in a completely different and more productive manner. I can't recommend him highly enough.”
Mike Pykosz
Oak Street Health Co-Founder and CEO
"I’ve had the pleasure to travel around Washington with Andrew and can guarantee that you’ll always be prepared, briefed and confident that you’re talking to the right people, at the right time in the right strategic way. That’s because Andrew is constantly looking to help organizations be more precise and tight with their advocacy and messaging activities while also keeping your business objectives front and center.”
Dr. Laolu Fayanju
Chief Medical Officer, RubiconMD
“I wish we had hired Andrew years sooner than we did. Building a stand alone, professional government affairs function in our organization was crucial, and Andrew can do it the right way for immediate impact.”
Dr. Griffen Myers
Oak Street Health Co-Founder
"Andrew’s passion and tireless energy for navigating Congress and the healthcare regulatory agencies to achieve the best solutions is awesome. Andrew is an expert in advocacy, policy and government affairs; more importantly, Andrew is a business leader who relentlessly drives strategic outcomes by effectively leading in these areas."
Kim Keck
Former Oak Street Health Board Member